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Battle Tested and Unbeatable

“No matter what you throw at me, I’m gonna cut through it.”
— Scott Brown, Oregon Construction Business

The Challenge

Cutting through concrete and steel is no problem with an Oregon® diamond chain saw. Doing it faster than a Special Forces cutting torch that burns hotter than the surface of the sun? That’s our kind of challenge. So when National Geographic’s Showdown of the Unbeatables set out to find the ultimate cutting machine, it was game on.

The Competition

The Broco® Torch is used worldwide by first responders, law enforcement, demolition crews, and the military—in situations where the stakes are often very high. With an oxygen-boosted flame that reaches 10,000°F, this torch can cut through just about anything, even underwater, but is especially good at cutting through metals.

The Showdown

After a few “proving ground” tests—like cutting through an ATM—and a bit of trash talking, the teams squared off to decide who had the ultimate cutting machine. What happened? We’ll let the video tell the story.

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