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PowerGrit Diamond Chain, 38/40 cm (15/16 inch)

Part# 537764

Designed to cut ductile iron, cast iron and more. Excellent for ac pipe and clay pipe also. Fits a 38 cm/15" hydraulic/pneumatic FORCE4 guidebar and a 40 cm/16" petrol FORCE4 guidebar.

Product Details

  • Brazed-layer diamond coating
  • Durable chain platform
  • Increased safety
  • Better operator control
  • Reduced excavation
  • Better access
  • Versatility
  • Fits 15" (38 cm) hydraulic and pneumatic guidebars, 16" (40 cm) petrol guidebars

Specifications, Details & Support

Diamond Chains
Use on Saw Type Hydraulic
Pneumatic/F4 drive sprocket
Use Application HDPE
Ductile Iron
Cast Iron
AC Pipe
Chain Length 38 cm/40 cm (15 in/16 in)
Number of Drive Links 58
Chain Pitch 0.444
Unit of Measure Each

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